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Brief Therapy – Dealing with Anxiety

Part of the process is starting to separate out “how” you are thinking about things rather than “what” you are thinking about. Also noticing the benefit of giving yourself time to consider responses before responding.

In general the work we do together will help you to have better strategies to counter anxious thoughts.  The way it works is that by having and using these strategies the anxiety has less to get hold of and so the habit of being anxious (and it is largely a habit) reduces.  In some ways this is the same way that all habits are reduced.

 The second part is building up your confidence and belief in yourself so that you are less prey to the worries and negative feelings that fuel anxious thoughts.  The people around you may not be providing you with the kind of positive feedback that would help build your confidence.  However in the end we are capable of generating all the confidence and self-belief we need for ourselves.  Our work will help with this.

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