Bad Habits

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Bad Habits

Dialogue on Nose Picking

Now to matters “Picky”.  Humans, (and many animals) have certain behaviours that we learn as part of socialisation to monitor and curtail our actions in specific situations.  These can be quite varied so that whilst it is fine to belch loudly after a good meal in some cultures it is absolutely not fine in others!  The unconscious is able to take into account all the environmental and social factors at play and if an action is deemed  permissible by the unconscious, i.e. it won’t offend, embarrass or otherwise

sabotage our social position we can do it, if it will then we won’t.  That is why we can fart, burp and scratch ourselves, etc with certain family and friends in a way that we simply would not even consider doing in another social grouping.  In addition, if we feel the need to do one of these things but it would not be acceptable we will either remove our self or repress the impulse!

Your own personal boundaries of nose picking have not been defined.   For some reason, probably a lack of sanction when you were small for  doing it, your unconscious has not learned to monitor and repress this behaviour in situations where it is not acceptable or desirable.  I never saw you picking your nose in our sessions and I think that is because at some level your unconscious was aware it would not be appropriate to do it in front of me.You said that you feel a need to make sure your nose is clear.  I don’t doubt that, but it is like smoking, checking your phone or any habit.  If we feel we can or may do it, then we are more likely to feel the need to do it. Another example is scratching your nose or removing an eyelash in your eye (think of astronauts – they simply cannot remove they helmet so they have to learn to put up with the discomfort until the natural self-cleaning function of the eye removes the lash).  Life models whilst posing are another case.

People can only be a life model if they can overcome the natural desire to move, fidget and constantly adjust position.  Because they know they must not move it becomes easier to remain stationary – £10 an hour to spend in the pub is the student’s best motivation for self-discipline!!

In order to change your habit it will require spending some time deciding first if you really want to!  If you do, you need to think about what circumstances you can and cannot do it.  Then you need to
self-correct to the extent that when you feel the need to clear your nose you either determine firmly that you will not do it, or else take yourself to somewhere private that you may do it – for example the bathroom.

If you find yourself mindlessly exploring your nose you need to firmly stop yourself or remove yourself to where you can do it.  It is as simple as that.  Correcting any form of behaviour is about ceasing it as soon as you become aware of it and if necessary continuing it in an appropriate place or time.

Let me know you thoughts on this.  And remember you are the only person in control of you.  You have shown as a person that you have an enquiring and active mind but most importantly that you want to be the master of your own mind, body and actions.

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