Eve is passionate about helping people, extremely knowledgeable about the bizarre workings of the mind and life in general. - HS, London

In our sessions Eve gave of herself entirely, and helped me to see that there was light at the end of my very dark tunnel. When I booked my first session with Eve it’s fair to say I felt it would take a miracle for me to feel better, and within 4 sessions of working with Eve, it honestly felt like a miracle had happened. I wasn’t back to my normal self, but Eve had given me hope and the psychological tools I needed to reclaim my life.

Eve is a warm, down to earth, empathetic professional, that I am so grateful to have found. Even a year later I recall the teachings and conversations we had.

Thank you once again.

Before I came to Eve I had a serious phobia of needles. Most of the time I would just get worked up about the thought as I also have a problem with blood but sometimes It would result in panic attacks. Phoebe. Aged 13

When I came to Eve, I was getting my jabs done at school for cervical cancer.  Eve showed me that having an injection is no more scary that cut your knee or stubbing my toe and that even though not everyone likes it, it is something we all must do to stay healthy and safe.  I now link the idea of getting a jab with something that relaxes me (a cat purring).  I recently got my second jab for cervical cancer at school and everything went as normal.  I am now a lot more laid back about getting injections that will certainly come my way in the future and this is all thanks to Eve for helping me get over my phobia.and it only took one session.

I’m a 28 year old man who had been battling with some sporadic but intense anxiety for about a decade. T - London

“I’m a 28 year old man who had been battling with some sporadic but intense anxiety issues for about a decade. These anxieties manifested themselves as unwanted repetitive and frightening thoughts – which were particularly unnerving as they seemed uncontrollable and at odds with the rest of my well-balanced, successful and happy life.

Having suffered in silence for years, I stumbled on Eve’s website during an especially bad bout of anxiety and gave her a call. Taking that first step to speak to a therapist – especially one you’ve read about on the internet, but never met – is scary. But from the moment she answered the phone, I knew I was in the hands of someone professional, sensitive and rigorously well-trained. In five sessions, Eve has helped me along a journey from almost debilitating anxiety episodes to no anxiety at all. Even though I was optimistic that therapy would be effective, the results have exceeded all expectations. I’ve never felt more comfortable in my own skin, more aware of my own emotional makeup and more equipped to deal with difficult situations in the future.

I’d recommend Eve without hesitation to anyone who has ever been effected by negative thoughts or anxiety. Her programme was quick, well-structured and felt tightly focussed on achieving a positive outcome. She’s a remarkable therapist, and I’m incredibly grateful for the life-changing help she’s given me.”  (T from London)

I am writing to express my deepest thanks to you for helping me to stop smoking. Andy F

I had contemplated waiting until after Christmas to see you, but as you rightly pointed out, I either wanted to stop or I didn’t, and there would always be an excuse.

I found your process of  consultation with hypnosis both logical and meaningful and I am now happy to say that I am a non-smoker.  Some may say that after only a few weeks it is early days, but as you know, I had tried to stop on many occasions in the past, and something would always trigger a relapse.

Over the last few weeks I have experienced many occasions where I would habitually smoke, many occasions where I have consumed alcohol which could have affected my decision making and will-power and I can confirm that I have had no interest in smoking at all since we met, even with people smoking around me.  I just have not thought about smoking for long enough to want a cigarette – exactly as you said it would happen.

I have noticed all of the other benefits that you suggested I would as a non-smoker, and I am proud to have been able to show no interest what-so-ever in returning to the habit.

I am truly grateful and would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to stop smoking, or indeed to make a positive changed to any areas of their life through your techniques.

Yours sincerely

Andy F

I recently consulted you about my anxiety public speaking. Tonu A.

As a business woman having  to give talks from time to time, I really needed to address this issue.

Your “brief” therapy solution surprised me – it was most unexpected and I didn’t even get hypnotised!  You were very attentive and picked up on other issues whilst taking down my history and case notes and I put my trust and faith in your techniques.  The overall effect is that I am a lot calmer about the whole process of speaking.

Another thing that impressed me was your ethical approach – You said, “you don’t need me anymore”, once you determined that I had developed the relevant techniques to deal with my anxiety and I hope it remains that way.

Thank you once again for your help and support.

This is a testimonial on behalf of my eldest son and myself. As you are aware, Joshua has had some traumatic and challenging experiences which resulted in some social anxieties

Consequently, although he has successfully completed 2 year of  a Natural Science degree, he has not been able to fully enjoy the social side of life at university and his wider life.

Despite various attempts to find effective help, he has now had two appointments with you and we have begun to see almost immediate but subtle changes in him.  He is noticeably more relaxed and more communicative in general.  I spent a very enjoyable afternoon cooking curry with him and getting things ready for his return to University life.  He is even going to volunteer to help at fresher’s week which he would not have had the confidence to do before.

So thank you, Eve, for helping him to see this challenging in his life as a puzzle to overcome and not something insurmountable.  In a very short time you have managed to suss out the way he ticks in a way that no one else had managed and consequently have won his trust

On behalf of myself, I have had various complex relationship issues that I have been unable to negotiate successfully on my own.  Again, you have given me a new way to see and think about the problems so that there is now the possibility of a realistic and peaceful outcome rather than going round in circles or reaching stalemate.

We have a way to go yet, but I have complete faith in the way you work and I am happy to recommend you.

Katie R

I came to Eve to address my Claustrophobia that I have suffered for many years. I did not want to address it because I did not want anyone to know and thought nothing could be done about it. I was immediately impressed with Eve's knowledge and professionalism, her confidentiality and the way she made me feel relaxed.

We addressed the experiences I had, the way I had been thinking and the irrational fear that had a hold on me.  Over the 3 sessions I began to believe and change my thoughts on the issue and grew in confidence rather than fear.  Since our sessions I have sat at the back of a sports car which I would normally find unbearable and I went on a busy tube journey without thinking about it.  I feel liberated and will certainly recommend Eve highly to my contacts. Kind regards Mr Clive L.

I am writing this testimonial as an appreciation of the service that you have provided me, in the first instance helping me to stop smoking assisted by hypnosis, and in the second instance helping me to address the reasons that caused me to have a relapse.

After stopping smoking for 5 months I experienced several occasions when I succumbed and had a cigarette.  These occasions became more frequent and thought it wasn’t a daily event I was beginning to feel miserable.

You spoke to me over and over again requesting that I visit you for a further consultation at your expense.  During the session you helped me to understand why I was relapsing when my addiction had clearly been broken and how I should think about this in the future – the session did not include hypnotherapy but I assume psychotherapy.

I haven’t had another relapse and now I am not even tempted to smoke because I know how miserable it makes my feel and how easy it is to fall back into the negative cycle that smoking  is a part of.

I cannot thank you enough for not only helping me but also caring about me enough to further extend your help to allow me to cease smoking for good.

Thank you forever. AF

I can highly recommend Eve as a therapist and am incredibly grateful to her for the help she has given me in the past.

During my final year of training to become an Osteopath I had  5 sessions with Eve to help me overcome stress and the incredible load I was trying to carry at the time. Her sessions were invaluable and really helped me to get through a very difficult time and  I learned a huge amount in a very brief period of time.  I went on to do very well in my finals!  Thanks Eve.
Rebecca Davies, Osteopath”