Weight Loss

The most common question asked of all hypnotherapists is “Will I lose control under hypnosis as seen with stage hypnotists”.  The second most common question from those concerned with weight loss is “Will you be able to make me stop eating so I can lose weight?”.

The answer to both these questions is “No”.  The techniques used by stage hypnotists are specifically designed for entertainment and are used on carefully pre-selected subjects.  As no controlling techniques are used in hypnotherapy and as a client cannot be compelled to do anything against their own inclination and values, the therapists cannot make a client stop eating.

Hypnotherapy works to help with weight-loss by encouraging an enjoyable and relaxed heightened sense of awareness and concentration in the client.  The therapist provides an environment in which the client can make the changes that they need to make in order to take the necessary steps to begin to loose weight effectively and quickly.  The most usually reported observation of the client losing weight using hypnotherapy is “that it seemed to happen effortlessly”, “that I began to lose weight, but I wasn’t sure how it happened”.

There are many reasons why both men and women put on weight.  It is important when the need is felt to lose that additional weight that good, positive, affirming ways are found change the situation rather than ending up in a cycle of long term dieting, eating problems, health related issues and low self-esteem.

As a technique for effective weight loss, hypnotherapy is a very successful proven approach that can be used by most people.  Please call today to discuss your weight-loss needs.