Working with Children

Treatment of Children

I use a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy to help many children with primarily emotional issues: exam nerves, anxiety, fears, phobias, separation anxiety, compulsive disorders, over eating, self esteem/self confidence, anger, depression, stress and motivation. I also offer help with typical childhood habits like nail-biting and bed-wetting.

In fact, kids make great clients for hypnotherapy as they have wonderfully powerful imaginations and find the visualisation and metaphor exercises much easier than adults.

Therapy is almost always conducted with a parent present as my aim when working with children is always to support the parents to have the tools to support their child.  This type of therapy can be particularly effective as it empowers both parent and child with the confidence to work together to overcome problems in a relaxed atmosphere removing frustrations and anxieties.  Parents may become very stressed and upset when their child is experiencing a problem or difficulty and it can be a very powerful experience from both parent and child to find workable solutions together.

It is for this reason that for all work with children I will have at least one session with both or one parent in order to gain a thorough case background and understanding of the issues so as to give minimum anxiety to the child and facilitate a clear and open discussion of the problems.

If you have concerns with your child, please call me for a chat to work out how the most effective methods can be found to relieve the problem.